Meet Hab+Dash by Fil-Tec


American Manufacturers of Glide and Magna-Glide

Hab+Dash, a division of Fil-Tec, started with the invention of the original magnetic core bobbin, Magna-Glide. We are a proud USA manufacturer, always striving toward quality and innovation. With four manufacturing plants and several warehouses, our mission is to get premium products into the hands of all quilters and embroiderers.

After the creation of the Magna-Glide bobbin, we wanted to meet the needs of our customers by developing and manufacturing a more consistent, higher performance top thread for quilting and embroidery application. Our initial vision was a top thread that complemented our Magna-Glide bobbin for the perfect sewing experience top to bobbin.   After 4 years of development, and with invaluable input from our customers, we launched Glide top thread. Glide is known for its strength, sheen and excellent color selection with over 330 colors available. We continued to develop other fiber types of top thread and pre-wound bobbins, which include Premo-Soft, Cairo-Quilt, Affinity, Harmony and Glisten. 

Your passion is our passion, and we are continually committed to making every experience with us the best it can be by providing quality products, fair prices, and exceptional customer service. We are truly honored to be part of every stitch of your life.